Forex Wealth Robot – A Hard Partying Investment Banker And Strippers!

Learn Forex Trading! Watch this weird forex story on video just now! Discover a Forex Robot that made 2,680.71% NET PROFIT in 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitablity of any forex robot by 53% and more. Do you know about the Forex Wealth Robot? I’ve been trialing this new FX software for the last 2 weeks and to be honest I very early sent it to the trash folder, because I regularly get hit with many systems that are looking for my seal of approval, however…I promised the owner a fair crack of the whip and boy am I glad I did…In the last 2 weeks alone I have personally watched this software syphon $3,480, which is certainly not peanuts…

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The remarkable thing is, the software is ridiculously easy to use to use and the owner designed it so it doesn’t take unneccessary risks that are likely to blow your account out and goes for steady consistent gains… meaning you can easily earn a 2nd income with this, Check It Out Here While There Is Still A Discount…

Another great thing is I have 20 copies of a scaping EA that skims profits on a regular basis for the next 20 people to grab a copy of this incredible software via this ink below…I’m telling ya… you can’t go wrong if you are luck enough to own both of these softwares and if you are looking for consistent gains rather than risky profits then your definetly going to need this so don’t delay and collect your limited free EA NOW!

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That’s mainly because while most Forex robots are notoriously unstable… Forex Wealth Robot is showing *proof* of NO LOSSES IN 2 YEARS STRAIGHT. I highly recommend you check this out now, because this is going to go fast, and when it’s gone it’s gone – you’ll see why here: Remember, I am only allowing 25 FREE copies of secret forex software as a special bonus for the Forex Wealth Robot, here’s the download instructions, hurry there NOW, whilst you still on time!

Mark Larsen: “This week we have a whole bunch of Forex scammers that were busted. First FXZapper came out that turned out to be a stolen copy of Funyoo’s XBar EA. The EA was “created” by the same scammer that came up with FxBrokerBuster scam few months ago.

Then two more scams were busted. Multivers and EAKAIN Scalper turned out to be a copy of the old Dragonpips (also known as ForexShocker, Forex Bling or THUNDER4WD free EA) and megadroid eas. This guy is talking about evolution…One more fresh scam – Forex BigCat EA which was “inspired” by the EURONIS code.”

What is Forex Scam?

Forex scam means that the code of the expert advisor is not genuine, it was stolen from another EA. Here is what scammers do: they find free EA with a good backtest on public forums, rename it, put the trading logic into DLL to hide it and release as a new $97 robot to gather some pocket money from forex newbies.

On the other hand If the EA does not trade well that does not mean it is a scam. All EAs have periods when they perform better during the certain market conditions. There is no EA that can perform the same during 10 years. This is a myth.

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